Sixpad Training Gear Review: Is This Thing A Scam?

Sixpad Training Gear

So you swooned over Cristiano’s well-chiselled body on the latest TV advert and thought that the Sixpad Training Gear is the answer to all your important six-pack needs! Well, read on for my review and find out if it is a scam or not.

Who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo? Well, to be honest, although I do quite admire Messi, I’m not really an over obsessed big fan of either of them.

So I’m certainly not one to get into the argument, so let’s get that out of the way.

So what are here for?

What we are really here for is to find out whether the Sixpad Training Gear actually work or not.

Well Read On to Find Out.

Let me talk about the company behind Sixpad first. Transcosmos Group, and most specifically Transcosmos UK are company behind the product.

They have really gone to town with their marketing and signed up with none other than football mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is hugely popular and well known for his athleticism and physique. What that means in marketing terms, is lots of pulling power. Both sports and football fans will attracted to this product because because Cristiano is endorsing this product. Which is a real coup for Transcosmos as I’ve really never heard of them before.

Now Let’s Get Into the Meat of this Product.

It has been dubbed the wearable ‘training gear’ by the company behind Sixpad, while Ronaldo himself calls it ‘Body Revolution‘. Indeed the company pride itself on its ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’ or EMS technology.

In a nutshell, what this does is once you wear the Sixpad products (the training gear consists of the main product for the abdominals named the Abs Fit, and also twin parts for your arms or legs named Body Fit) to send electrodes in contact with your skin/body.

Taking an approach from theory devised by a Japanese professor called Toshio Moritani, the companys aim is to make the device send waveforms to your muscles thus making them contract. This is all done to simulate as if you are going through a workout.

He claims that the efficient frequency for this is is 20 Hz. Thus the training gear incorporates technology to simulate EMS training at 20 Hz.

So does the Sixpad Training Gear work?

I’m afraid to leave you disappointed. If you think that the Sixpad will lead you to shed stubborn body fat, then you are dead wrong.

I have used these kinds of products before, and believe me they are nothing new. Sure, science, technology, and research will always lead to new discoveries, but if go back the last 10 or 15 years these kinds of products were on the market.

I’ve even forgot the name of all of them. There were lots of them marketed from way back. But the same thing applies, you apply gel, and affix the device to your abdomen, arms etc and turn the level setting.

ONLY this time, its a product that has been marketed as being effective at 20 Hz, AND with Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of their marketing.

Will Sixpad Help Me to Lose Belly Fat & Get Abs?

The fact of the issue is you might make use of SIXPAD for 100 years, yet if your diet plan is inadequate as well as you’re lugging a whole lot of body fat, your’ll never ever in fact see your stomach muscle mass. You will certainly obtain specifically the very same outcomes from doing situps at residence, they are simply both approaches of exercising your abdominal muscle muscular tissues.

Why Ronaldo, why? Cos he’s Arrogant

Quite why Ronaldo has signed up to endorse this product is anyone’s guess. Hey, it’s not just him, there are others too, like lesser known sports personalities such as Dina Asher Smith (British athletics), and Alex Lozowski (Rugby union) that are ‘promoting’ the Sixpad.

Ronaldo is a mega soccer star with huge marketing power and he is obviously very, very rich. So it baffles me to say why on earth has he decided to appear almost full on nude for TV purposes promoting a gimmick product that he will never use and NEVER did use to attain that body, especially the six-pack!? He doesn’t need the money, he already has unlimitless wealth.

But it’s Ronaldo, and so Ronaldo ALWAYS wants to be the biggest star, on the front cover of every magazine, and be the biggest and best news story everywhere.

*For the record, I’m not a Ronaldo hater, okay?

Do It The Right Way.

I’m just telling it like it is. Truth is, no matter what, you will always need to some form of exercise or workout to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, and even attain a six-pack. And always try to stick with a well balanced diet and to drink regular water. This is the best way to go about and melt the stomach fat.

Verdict: Scam

Some of you may be a big Ronaldo fan and look up to him, and so you may want to purchase the Sixpad…… but just don’t expect a physique quite like Cristiano Ronaldo.

You want to try this guide on diet, and how best to melt your stubborn belly fat here.

So that’s it now for my review on the Sixpad Training Gear, please do leave comments and let me know your thoughts, thanks.



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