Does Fitbit Work? What You Need To Know

They are on TV and advertised all over the internet. You will at some time or another have heard of these fitness activity trackers. Indeed its possible you may have seen joggers wrists adorned with this latest piece of fitness kit. You may have asked yourself the question, what’s the latest fitness craze, or even does Fitbit work?

There are many of them and are growing ever more popular. Every other company now wants a piece of the action.

So you may be unsure of the latest phenomenon doing the rounds, is this just a fad? Is it just a gimmick fashion trend? Chances are you will have heard of Fitbit, which is one of the more popular brands.

Let’s take a look at what these activity trackers do

These devices are basically a high-tech upgrade on the earlier fitness pedometers that were all the rage back in the day. This latest invention is ever more popular and then some. There is a growing market so there will only be more high-tech brands marketed by companies.

The pedometers of yesteryear were worn by the hips, often put on belts. While there are Fitbit devices that can be clipped to your pocket, the newer models are worn in an armband often resembling smartwatches and are predominantly designed to be put on the wrist. Indeed some gadgets have smartwatch capabilities already.

Fitness trackers measure the steps you take each day. The electronics and software in the devices collate other data too. Things such as your heart-rate, calories burned and believe it or not, your quality of sleep. Some premium models also include GPS.

It has to be noted that there are portable electronic devices such as music players and smartphones that can install fitness tracker software, but it has to be said that Fitbit is setting the benchmark for others to follow as it is the first true (albeit modern) all out complete fitness tracker. It certainly has the looks in the aesthetics department.

And so moving on to the question, does Fitbit work?

Yes most definitely! There have been times when I decided to give the gym a little break, and just want to go on a run or jog. But even that can seem like a chore. But since I brought my first ever Fitbit,  which is a HR wireless in black – I have never looked back. It has got me more motivated, and now I can keep check of activity count, my calories burned, steps taken etc.

If you want that extra bit of motivation like it did me, then trust me it most definitely works, you will grow to love it! And it looks rather cool, it doesn’t come across as just some cheap fitness fad or fashion accessory.

You have the ability to sync the fitness trackers to the Android or Apple’s phone apps so you have more access to data and information should you need it.

I currently have the Fitbit HR Charge in black, which is a wristband, has a small digital display and it monitors your heart rate continuously, tracks your workouts, calories burned, and steps climbed.

This model has bluetooth connectivity so if have got your phone with you every time someone calls you can see phone caller id displayed but do note that you can not answer calls. This particular model has no GPS feature, something you may not need when starting out.

All I need was that little extra bit of motivation and this certainly provides me it. The price range starts around the $128 mark, I have found none on the discount as of yet but they will keep you and you can them widely available at Amazon.